Digital Commercial Display Facts in 2020

Digital signage and commercial displays from video walls, outdoor signage, microLEDs, LCD screens, interactive and standalone displays have revolutionized business by grabbing the consumers attention in a modern, entertaining and...

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Demystifying Unmanaged and Managed Switches
Over and above the basic function of the unmanaged switch, allowing ethernet devices in a network to talk to each other, the Managed Switch is complex and will go further to give users the ability to control and configure the switch...
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7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and Solutions to Boost WiFi Speed
Like many startups and SMBs, you are probably guilty of buying your hardware from the internet for that easy and quick bargain. This is often if not always a fail for many of these businesses falling victim buying too many or inadequate devices or worst case scenario, the wrong devices. Did you know that too many APs can lead to: co-channel interference and improper load balancing?
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The Switch Question - Understanding PoE & Non PoE Switches
Since there is lack of power supply in a normal switch, an extra cable is often needed to connect the devices to power outlets. The ethernet switch can be PoE enabled by adding on a PoE injector between the Switch and Power Devices. The PoE injector will act as the electrical power supplying power and ...
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Employee of the Month - Naomi K
A short minute later while on the edge of her seat she interrupts me and picks the phone, dials a number and as she waits for an answer, instructs me to skip to the next office so she can "handle things"...
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We are in agreement that the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to set up a working space, no matter how small, is always mode of communication. Will we provide airtime to each staff member for them to use personal mobile phones? Will we have headsets for each person or per department? How will we manage this?
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