Employee of the Month - Naomi K
A short minute later while on the edge of her seat she interrupts me and picks the phone, dials a number and as she waits for an answer, instructs me to skip to the next office so she can "handle things"...
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We are in agreement that the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to set up a working space, no matter how small, is always mode of communication. Will we provide airtime to each staff member for them to use personal mobile phones? Will we have headsets for each person or per department? How will we manage this?
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Top 6 trends in cloud computing.
It's no doubt cloud computing continues to be one of the most on demand innovations, transforming the world as more companies and businesses are migrating from one premise storage to cloud storage. 
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Types of Computer Viruses
In computing, computer virus is defined as a malicious software known as a malware which when well executed replicates itself by inserting its own code to the target programs or documents and in return altering their functionalities.
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Capacitating your warehouse and distribution center through technology
When small to mid-sized merchants think of ways in which they can improve their use of technology within the warehouse, thoughts of Amazontheir 30,000 robot pickers and how it can seem tough to keep up with big brands like this can sometimes spring to mind. At Talinda East Africa, we believe retail and wholesale can (and should) be automated for SMEs as well. Here are some of our thoughts on how you can use technology in the warehouse to improve your operational efficiency and other associated order workflows.
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Enhance your Hospitality capacity with these Gadgets
Hoteliers are always quick to employ new technology to help smooth operations and serve guests. Technology also can be used to help hotels stand out from the crowd. While technology like free Wi-Fi and on-demand TV–once special features–have become commonplace amenities, there are ways hotels can use technology to engage guests and enhance their stays. Equipping rooms with the latest tech gadgets, and placing those gadgets directly into guests’ hands, can make any hotel seem cutting edge. Talinda East Africa is always ready to serve you and provide you with both innovative, creative and simple technology that will improve your service delivery in the hospitality industry.
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