Ruckus Wireless T310N Outdoor Access point

Ruckus Wireless T310N Outdoor Access point


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The T310n is an ultra-specialized outdoor access point (AP) meant for extremely targeted deployments, when focusing the WiFi signal is of paramount importance.  The T310n enables use cases that no other outdoor AP can do while meeting strict customer SLAs.  It is unique in that there are no comparable APs of its class.

The T310n is a dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 outdoor AP which includes a narrow (30 degree) internal antenna, enabling a focused beam.  This is critical in deployments like stadiums, where the AP might be deployed far away from the user, or in challenging RF environments like warehouses - to get WiFi down long aisles.  Having a focused beam enables meeting customer SLAs that omni or sector APs cannot hope to meet.  Additionally, it also has a USB port and a unique DC power option that enables multiple use cases like IoT support and Mesh without reliance on a power grid.

Designed for easy installation within an ultra-lightweight and low profile enclosure, the T310n is ideal for venue owners and enterprises looking to quickly and economically deploy WiFi in specialized or challenging high-capacity environments.


T310n, 30x30 deg, Outdoor 802.11ac 2x2:2 Wave 2, narrow beam, dual band concurrent access point. One Ethernet port, PoE input, DC Input and USB port. Includes adjustable mounting bracket and one year warranty.

Does not include PoE injector