Polycom Premier, One Year, RealPresence Group 310-720p EagleEyeIV-4x camera


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Delivers high quality video at a breakthrough price for smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and large board rooms
Polycom® EagleEye™ cameras provide the ultimate experience to optimize video
collaboration. EagleEye™ IV and EagleEye™ Acoustic cameras are designed to
meet your varying environments and applications in conjunction with Polycom®
RealPresence® Group Series video systems. From huddle rooms, to desktops,
classrooms to customized board rooms, Polycom EagleEye cameras deliver best in
class video quality to all participants.
All Polycom EagleEye cameras offer the following features:
• High definition video transmission
• Clear, crisp natural colors from precisely tuned optics
• Quick, fluid movements with sharp focus
• Camera power supplied by Polycom RealPresence Group Series video system
eliminating the need for a power supply.
The Polycom EagleEye IV 4x camera has a completely digital camera sensor to capture incredible detail for more natural communication. With a wide field of view, these cameras are flexible enough to use in any room environment, from a small huddle room to a large boardroom. With the optional Polycom EagleEye
Digital Extender, the cameras can be mounted up to 330 feet away from the video
system, providing you the flexibility to move the camera where you need it.
Premier, One Year, RealPresence Group 310-720p: Group 310 HD CODEC, EagleEyeIV-4x camera