Hik Vision DS-PWA32-HS Wireless Alarm Hub (White)

Hik Vision DS-PWA32-HS Wireless Alarm Hub (White)


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DS-PWA32-H(R)(S)(G)AX Series Wireless Security Control Panel AX series wireless security control panel, containing 32wireless zones, supports Wi-Fi, LAN, GPRS, and 3G/4Gcommunication methods, as well as ISAPI, and SIA-ContactID protocol. It is applicable to the scenarios of market, store,house, factory, warehouse, office, etc.


  • Axiom Hub 32 wireless inputs/8 wireless keyfobs/4 wireless output expanders/2 wireless siren/LAN+WIFI+GPRS/RF 433MHz/800M.

•Supports dual path communication of alarm events and other signals over LAN, Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G/4G utilising a main andbackup channel

•Supports up to 32 wireless inputs, 32 wireless outputs, 8 keyfobs and 2 sirens

•IVaas (Intruder Verification As A Service) :Support up to 2 channel 7 seconds pre/post alarm recording for Video Verificaiton (Hikvision IP camera/3rd party IP camera support ONVIF)

•Supports viewing event video via mobile client and email

•Supports doorbell function: The detector rings like a doorbell when it is triggered in disarming status

•Voice prompt for configuration and operation

•Configuration via web client, mobile client, or client software

•Pushes alarm notification via messages, phone calls, and email

•SIA-Contact ID protocol compatible

•Long distance two-way communication (800m in open area)

 Wireless Alarm Hub
Special Features: LAN+WIFI
Frequency: 433MHz
Transmission distance: 800m(open area)
Ethernet: RJ45 10M/100M adaptable Ethernet interface
WIFI protocol standard: 802.11b/g/n
Wireless input: 32
Wireless keyfob: 8
Wireless repeater: 2
Wireless output expander: 4
Wireless siren: 2
Voice prompt: 1-CH loudspeaker
Tamper switch: Support
Power interface: 5V DC
Backup battery: Rechargeable li-ion Polymer battery, 3.8V, 4520mAh, 17.176Wh
Power Consumption: <10 W