LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse


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There are countless moments in everyday life where you wish you had a scanner to hand – when children want to scan teaching material or articles from magazines, or when you have to type the details of a document. With the LG Scanner Mouse one drag is all it takes to complete your scanning. The Scanner Mouse also features remarkable editing power that converts text into a Microsoft Word or Excel document. You can also share in real-time through Twitter, Facebook etc. – From now on enjoy easier, faster scanning with the LG Scanner Mouse.

It’s not every day that you find innovative computer accessories that deliver on the promise of making life good. The LG Scanner Mouse puts endless content in the palm of your hand – from teaching materials and magazine articles, to business documents and more – all in the simple drag of a mouse. Combine that with remarkable editing power and real-time sharing capabilities and you have one of the most impressive computer accessories