Making WiFi Work in Hostile RF Environments

In large warehouses, getting wireless to function as it's supposed to can be next to impossible. Between huge areas filled with metal racks, a myriad of handheld WiFi devices, moving vehicles, constantly-changing environmental conditions, and no pervasive Ethernet network, connectivity is an enormous challenge.But ZoneFlex is uniquely suited for this interference-filled environment. It offers warehouses:

  • Industrial-strength WiFi that provides longer-range signals that can be steered around obstacles and interference
  • More flexible deployment options with Smart Mesh Networking that eliminates the requirement to run Ethernet cable to connect wireless access points
  • Ubiquitous WiFi coverage with fewer wireless access points, for lower CAPEX
  • Indoor and outdoor Smart WiFi wireless access points that are managed as a unified system
  • Centralized control of ZoneFlex Smart WiFi wireless access points
  • Powerful, yet simple controlled guest networking capabilities.
Automatic interference avoidance with BeamFlex

Integrated into every Smart WiFi wireless access points is a sophisticated high-gain directional antenna system, which constantly focuses and directs WiFi signals over the best performing paths. This is essential in hostile RF environments where obstacles, interference, and noise wreaks havoc with wireless systems.

No more deployment hassles—thanks to Smart Mesh Networking

In warehouses spanning 70,000 to 200,000 square feet or more, there are few options for placing wireless access points where they're needed. Smart Mesh Networking is a solution to this problem, letting warehouse IT staff deploy wireless access point where coverage is needed most—without having to pay for and pull Ethernet cabling.