Talinda East Africa simplifies deployment and management of your Wi-Fi network so that even a small IT staff can keep up with user demands. With release 17.01, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi who is our major partner in this, just got even better. It offers a whole host of enhancements and new features that deliver dramatic improvements in performance and overall usability.

If you think our management interface was easy and intuitive before, it’s even friendlier now. We’re really excited about the new dashboard—and you will be too. Release 17.01 has a more visual dashboard that gives you a system level view. Additionally, the map “teardrop” now provides status information so that you quickly understand how well your system is performing.

Along those same lines are new capabilities on nearly all the pages in the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi console, including the Venue, Access Point (AP), Network and Client pages. For example, you can hide an SSID, as well as implement scheduling for guest networks. We’ve redesigned the New Network creation wizard and made it even more powerful, so it will be easier than ever to create your Wi-Fi network.

Cloud Simplicity with Better Wi-Fi - Ruckus Cloud WiFi defined.

Through Talinda East Africa - Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi’s analytics functionality, which is built on Ruckus Smart Cell Insight, has also been improved. As part of release 17.01, we’ve added two new reports—TopN AP Reboots and Session Duration—which provide a wealth of analytics data. These are the initial stepping-stones for an eventual shift to predictive analytics.

Finally, we took a close look at the mobile application market to understand trends and behaviors and are introducing a brand new mobile app, which aligns with the needs of administrators and makes WLAN management even simpler and more convenient.

At Talinda East Africa, we’re never satisfied with “good enough” and are always striving to optimize our products. We think you’ll be very pleased with these changes, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you for choosing Talinda East Africa Cloud services. Visit our shop to see more products and services.