Higher Standards for Higher Education

Deliver WiFi density and performance in Higher Education.

Colleges and universities are challenged by the rise of mobile devices on campus and the increasing demand for online educational content. Students, faculty, and staff expect wireless connectivity to be available readily and reliably

Universities Make the Smart Move to Better WiFi

The demand for Gigabit WiFi is being fueled by the need for wireless bandwidth in and out of the classroom, and the influx of increasingly powerful WiFi devices to access online class material, enable student collaboration, research for student projects, and many other online activities on campus.

Smarter WiFi for Better BYOD

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is changing education. Students and faculty need WiFi service anywhere at anytime. Ruckus controllers provide network administrators with the ability to easily and effectively define a user or a device-specific access policy to optimize network performance and keep user traffic secure

Features High performance
  • Handle multiple devices with Wave 2 technologies such as MU-MIMO and beamforming to deliver the latest generation of high-performance wireless technology
  • Deliver reliable connectivity with Beamflex to ensure optimal wireless connectivity even in dense classrooms and auditoriums
  • Scale to your needs with 3+1 clustering with the ability to load-balance the wireless traffic over 4 controllers for up to 30,000 ZoneFlex wireless access points and 300,000 clients
Flexible Deployment
  • Deploy anywhere for unified indoor and outdoor WiFi performance with wall-mounted wireless access points, and mesh technology
  • Reduce cost and increase flexibility by controlling WiFi in the cloud with the virtual SmartZone
  • Easily change scale and migrate from one controller to another with Smart License
Optimized Services
  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with beacon technology to notify emergency staff of the accurate locations of students during campus emergencies
  • Redesign your campus based on wait times, footfall traffic, and heat maps
  • Reinforce campus services with promotions and messages directly to a student’s smart device. Notify i-range students of current wait times at their favorite lunch spot or campus bookstonre