Talinda East Africa offers For Business Use equipments that can best fit your business not matter the scale.We provide office accessories like printers, mice, keyboards, desktops.We also offer specific items for small business.Our services cut across corporate, Education, Hospitality, Hotel Services and Hostels.

Office Accessories

Talinda East Africa  provide a collection of Smart Home Automation devices to choose from.This include devices that you can use to ease your daily strain and movement like switching on the lights, opening the gates, wifi coverage and installations, security surveillance of your home.

Small Business

These comprise of smart television displays, home speakers, home theatres, bluetooth speakers.


These consists of the DSTV supported set boxes that offers a variety of channels for our clients to choose from and Video distribution.


Personal Laptops, Home desktops, Keyboards, System Units.


Lifestyle devices are those gadgets that contribute to your day to day life.They comprise of smart watches, fitbit watches among others.Check our shop and see the collections available for your fit.


These include devices that would make your customers have a memorable stay at your facility.Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex that would enable 24hr non-stop internet shortage, Escene bathroom and lobby phones, tivega controllers among many more.


The equipments we provide include Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex to provide all time non-stop internet access.Bathroom and lobby phones, tivega controllers among many more.Check our collections to see what best suit your needs.