Talinda East Africa is one of the East Africa leading innovator in the hospitality industry providing their clients with interactive in-room entertainment, guest Internet management solutions and digital signage platforms. Partnered with LG Systems and Hoteza Hospitality Software the team will be able to tailor a solution for both Hotel groups as a collective, and individual properties. The company will provide both types of equipment and service installation to your business upon subscription.

The current hotel business environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest's expectations for special care and personalized treatment are ever increasing. The hospitality & accommodation industry is challenged to recognize guests’ needs soon enough and fulfil these needs in the most professional manner.

In a traditional setting, every television in a building that you would want to provide cable TV service to would need to be connected to a set-top box of some kind. Cable companies send audio and video information into the building to the box and the box passes it on to your TV.In a place like a hotel with hundreds of TVs, this would be prohibitively expensive. Because of this, hotel TV systems hook each TV up to a central "stack" of boxes located elsewhere in the building. Each box is always playing one channel and whenever a guest switches to that channel, they access the feed from the box in question.

Most hotel TV systems use either satellite TV or cable TV companies to provide content for their guests. Things like picture quality, channel availability (including both SD and HD channels) and whether HD is defined as 720p or 1080p will all vary depending on the provider in question.Hospitality TV services are more than just a way to provide entertainment options for hotel guests.Cable TV providers for hotels typically offer solutions that include interactive services (and in some cases, business services) for people who need to stay connected while on-the-go. TV hotel connections are more than just modified business or consumer-grade solutions. They're custom built from the ground up to offer the type of experience your guests won't be able to find anywhere else.

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