As your infrastructure grows to address the needs of your organization, its maintenance and support requirements consequently multiply. This may overwhelm your IT team with routine operational tasks — to the point that innovation takes a backseat.

Drive productivity to a whole new level by liberating your organization from tedious IT tasks. Through automation, market-leading tools and the support of an experienced workforce, Talinda East Africa helps you off-load maintenance duties and align key talent with higher value projects.

As a client of Talinda East Africa, you also have a partner to assist you in providing strategic direction and in determining the best use of technology as your company grows and as your requirements change. We offer a range of IT Solutions to our clients in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania:

Network infrastructure and telephony upgrades that:

  • Improved workflow
  • Enabled enterprise mobility
  • Reduced cost of personnel and maintenance

Advanced telephony applications that enable:

  • Increased productivity of the travel agents and front service
  • Improved customer service, reachability, and responsiveness

Migration from a proprietary telephony system to a customized open source solution that gives;

  • More flexibility to enterprise high growth rates
  • Improves mobility integration for field executives
  • Reduces annual license fee costs

Service provider advanced voice solutions; voice compression for transit and management solutions subcontracting services for system integration for their business client.

Media gateway for call center and TDM­SIP interconnect services.