City Table Tennis Club is just awesome

Talinda East Africa is a proud sponsor of an active club in Nairobi that provides a platform for those with a passion for playing table tennis

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Why Us?

Why Talinda East Africa?

We are committed to excellence provision and execution of our service and after service support. Our staff are highly trained and receive continuous training to keep up with the highly changing technology and trends in the market. Learn More!

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Where did the Barcodes came from?

Artwork: The original barcodes didn't use "zebra" stripes like they do today, but "bullseye" patterns like these. Artwork from US Patent #2,612,944: Classifying apparatus and method by Woodland and Silver, courtesy of US Patent and Trademark Office.

How did we arrive at a point where virtually everything we buy is marked with a barcode? Read to find out more!

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"Don’t be afraid to borrow. Debt is not always a bad thing"
“After graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science, Physics, in 2005, two friends and I decided to start a homestay business, which we registered in 2006. At the time of inception, we were all employed and planned to run it as a side hustle. Big mistake! The business was inexpensive to start because all we needed was the registration fee and some posters. We advertised through word of mouth and online platforms.
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