Why you need our IP Surveillance Systems

IP Surveillance System

It is important to find an IP surveillance system that meets the need of your organization or business as this has become the most flexible and future-proof option for security and surveillance installations. Talinda East Africa provides the perfect security solution to ensure our client's safety towards asset protection, identify threats and vandalism by offering network IP Surveillance Systems along with installation services.

The IP surveillance system is a digitalized system commonly used for surveillance that accesses data over a network connection. We ensure the IP system includes a network, video recorder, Security cameras, cables, POE injectors, analytical software, a switch and a display monitor. In this digital era, analog CCTV is no longer competent and we highly recommend an IP surveillance system that is designed to inform us everything that is happening in our modern world from detecting crimes, events monitoring and ensuring safety to monitoring traffic. Upgrade your security camera footage of the poor quality with narrowly focused images,

The IP system can be centralized or decentralized. Centralized handle alarm alerts, record images, and video over a network whereas decentralized has an inbuilt camera to record to any local or remote storage media. To ensure our clients get best IP system, we provide a range with different IP cameras depending on their features video encoding systems, available network protocols and the type of API to be used in video management software.

Choose your network for installing an IP SYSTEM.

Wired network

This network provides the fastest and the most secure to connect your IP system with no interference and interception. We install this network through Ethernet cables to a broadband router and modem.

Wireless network

This network uses a Wi-Fi router to transfer data to and from a wired network. It’s slower than a wired network with increased vulnerability to unauthorized access.

Cellular network

Though this network is a bit slower than wireless network it’s more secure and safe. If our clients require this network our installation team ensures the cameras are equipped with cellular transmitters that don’t require a LAN to be in place to record a high-quality video.

Why you need an IP surveillance system?

Obtain Better and quality images

Even the best analog surveillance camera can't be compared to an IP system when it comes to the quality and resolution of the image it captures. Talinda guarantees the latest models with advanced technology to capture a wider field of view with far better quality.

Support for intelligent video

 The IP system offers a solution to solving complex problems and making a decision through the use of video analytics to analyze images. This enables you to know exactly when these events occur and point you right to them.

Using an internet connection

The use of an internet connection enables the ability to access images or videos.  The internet connection enables the best and most cost-effective option for security and surveillance installations

Few Cabling Requirements

 The IP system is designed to enable cameras to be in close proximity with each other using a single switch which then runs a single wire to the NVR (Network Video Recorder This limits the cabling requirements thereby allowing you access more cameras due to the limited by the number of ports on the DVR and use less labour.

Ability to send quick alerts to in case a threat is detected.

The Video management in the IP systems allows users to generate alarms based on motion. If an activity is not normal, the system sends e-mails or text message alerts to the proper authorities.

Secure data transmission

The IP system ensures data is transmitted through encryption and authentication such as WPA, WPA2, TKIP. That is efficient.


The IP system has the ability to use open storage solutions. Recording and saving the video in an IP surveillance system can store large amounts of data for an unspecified time as it does not require a specialized storage but rather uses standard components in the IT. This helps to reduce system costs, ensure greater performance and higher redundancy.  The storage required has to consider the following factors: the frame rate, the required redundancy, the amount of time the video needs to be stored, and the type of storage that fits best.

Talinda East Africa has a team of installation experts to ensure a successful IP surveillance installation through the use of security options such as firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and password protection that eliminate the possibility of the IP surveillance system being open to the public. This is enhanced as nearly all security and surveillance applications contain sensitive information that is not accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

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