Why East Africa's ICT Sector needs Turnkey Projects

For a business to operate smoothly, most customers seek operating systems that are fully-built rather than purchasing different parts from different suppliers which is more tedious and time-consuming.Talinda East Africa is the ultimate customer’s choice when it comes to turnkey projects like a computer system that has complete packages and is fully built for business start-up, expansion or growth. The turnkey project process involves all of these steps to fully build a package: model selection, planning, coordination, configuration then complete installation to the user or buyer.

Easier to say in this digital era, we offer the sale of an established computer package with all the equipment necessary to perform certain tasks in your business. In a case of a complete turnkey computer system, we ensure it has the various hardware, a pre-installed software, an operating system, and applications designed in it ready to meet specific business requirements.

Talinda East Africa ensures the turnkey projects you seek are very powerful, stable with user-friendly applications at a reasonable cost. We came up with the projects in order to provide new and better features that are rare to find. Our main aim target for businesses and customers is to offer the combination of a powerful hardware, user-friendly software, and configured applications at a reasonable cost that raises the demand for turnkey computers and information system. We all know that technology keeps evolving and the changes affect our work life being more complex and a better way to ease the work is by purchasing a turnkey computer system that is easy to use and reliable.

Why we encourage Turnkey projects?

Encourages flexibility

The customers have the ability to change the software, the underlying operating system, or reconfigure the hardware in a flexible way.This helps them to acquire the ideal system for performing tasks.

Encourages easy operations

The turnkey project houses a combination of hardware, operating system and an application software which Talinda East Africa pre-installed. This prevents customers from performing complex integration work and discourages troubleshooting.

Obtaining a substantial economic profit from an asset.

Purchasing fully built turnkey projects is a form of obtaining assets into the business.You can rent out the asset making it beneficial as it’s a complete package or in the event of disposing you can resell the asset thereby projecting revenue that results in profits. 

A customized operating system

The turnkey projects are centralized i.e.They can be shared among many systems, centrally optimized and managed without making changes to any other system. This reduces the risks of malware threats.

Low total cost of ownership

The turnkey projects are developed, highly tested and supported by Talinda East Africa rather than using custom-designed solutions. The fully-built project helps to reduce the level of testing needed for each individual application.

Saves time

Most users want fully built operating systems that help to save time rather than spend time looking for different products from different suppliers.They want a complete package that carries out tasks easily and effectively.

We couple our fully integrated software applications with comprehensive customer support and training.

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