Types of Computer Viruses

Due to technology advancement data transfer from one computer to another is almost inevitable. Therefore it's paramount to protect our systems from viruses that could easily spread by use of antiviruses.

In computing, a computer virus is defined as a malicious software known as a malware which when well executed replicates itself by inserting its own code to the target programs or documents and in return altering their functionalities.

Types of Computer virus

1. Browser Hijacker

This is a malware that alters computers browser settings by redirecting it to another browser or multiple browsers. It can at times replace the existing pages with its own. This type of virus exists in programs, browser add-ons, and free downloads

2. Polymorphic virus

This is one of the most difficult viruses to detect using the normal antivirus, this is due to its nature of replicating and encrypting itself every time the infected file is executed.

3. File Infector.

File infector virus is the most common type of virus, it sticks around the files you use so often, that means every time you run the file the virus runs on the background and may take over the whole file over time.

4. Web scripting Virus
Majority of sites rest on codes that provides an engaging platform for users, some of these sites may unknowingly host a virus added by a third party for their malicious actions, this virus may be on links or videos.

5. Multipartite virus
While the other types of virus spread one way, this type of virus takes multiple ways to spread. Their actions mostly depend on the type of operating system installed, certain programs on your computer or your use of specific files. Because of this, they are capable of simultaneously infecting the boot sector and executable files allowing them to spread very quickly.

 6. Boot sector Virus

This type of virus might have become obsolete since it was widely spread via removable media such as a floppy disk that was used to boot the computers, in the modern computer this virus may appear in the "master boot record" (MBR), a partitioned computer mass storage thus affecting the operations of the computer.


Other types of viruses like Trojan horse and worms display similar behaviors on the systems and have similar effects on computers and files.

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