Upgrade your data space with a Hybrid Server

Talinda East Africa in a collection of Cloud Technology offers the most powerful and secure dedicated servers that are used to run different programs for clients (a software used to access a service by the server). We offer these two rental choices (the hybrid and the dedicated server) that use a web server and internet connection to provide memory, hard disk space, security, email stability, a bandwidth allocation and IT system control and support. 

The dedicated server holds files for one or more sites using a related software. This server is configured and operated by the client company. The hybrid server is the recent modern server with both the power of dedicated server and flexibility of a configurable IT support system for computing resources and high-level services using minimal effort. This server delivers a 100% to the user due to its high performance, securely isolated and responsiveness. It has a virtualized technology of a full dedicated server that can be split into two-hybrid servers to manage multiple files and a hosting option with powerful server hardware that can reinstall the operating systems or deploy new servers quickly. Many companies usually prefer this hybrid server for its ability to perform more workloads without fail at a short period of time, reduce capital expenses, controls the power and cooling demands and does not occupy more data center floor space.

Most of our clients are:

  • Websites with the ability to generate more traffic.We offer the websites with multiple domain names to form a registered domain name, allocation of file storage, assistance on website creation services, Set up for email addresses and website files such as HTML and graphic image files that generate traffic.
  • Web developers and system administraters .
  • Web hosting companies to monitor the security system, network administrative costs, save router and provide internet connection.
  • E-Commerce stores
  • Financial traders or real-time data analysts
  • Companies to assist in data backups and restorations, security audits, disaster recovery, load balanced clusters and control management systems
  • Advertising agents, The server assists the agencies to monitor the number of the page being delivered and impressions or views.

Talinda East Africa ensures that the dedicated and hybrid servers are well suited with web servers to host scenarios that benefit the development, testing, staging of the servers and ensure they are fast to serve the clients. To ensure that we offer the best to our customers the most scalable hosting, high powered network, cost-effective, multiple file manager and secure servers.

With the help of our Administrative who assist in fixing and upgrading security patches by identifying a threat capable of exploiting an asset or software.  The threats may be informed of encrypted files but our administrative team works hand in hand with the clients to ensure your business process is not affected. The team also help to update daemon that runs as a background process instead of being in control of the interactive user by responding effectively to network requests, hardware activity or other programs that perform similar tasks. We also work 24\7 with our dedicated team of support engineers to ensure all server and network related functions are handled. They ensure complexity of infrastructure deployment and rebooting operation systems.

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