Top 6 trends in cloud computing.

With continually evolving technology its no doubt cloud computing is one of the most on demand innovations, transforming the world as more companies and businesses are migrating from one premise storage to cloud storage. 

The world of cloud storage is not static as technology is growing and evolving every day. It is predicted to become more of a utility as more and more applications demand storage.

Here are some of 2018 trends in cloud computing.

1.Cloud optimization.

From the question whether to adopt cloud storage, the need for how to optimize the cloud infrastructure arises, this mainly revolves around how to ensure maximum productivity, enhanced security and compliance in order to leverage the clouds' efficiency.

2.Growth in cloud solutions.

Hybrid cloud technologies represent the support of the modern day businesses through optimization of space, increased speed at which users operate and ultimately eliminating the need for experts to be there for maintenance and upgrade of software.

 3. Containers, orchestration, and micro-services.

With the emerging development of containers, orchestration and micro-service will enable developers to build applications, integrate with other systems, orchestrate using rules and processes, and then deploy across hybrid environments. The combination of these services will allow companies to bring features to the market rapidly while still maintaining or even improving quality, reliability, and resiliency.

4. Data virtualization.

Data virtualization provides a form of data management with the provision of the integrated view of data in real time or almost real time as needed by the consuming applications, processes, analytics, or business users.

Its main objective is to provide a single customer view of the overall data without requiring much of its technical details. 

5. Blockchain.

The blockchain is a technology that can store large amounts of data using a network of computers as opposed to a single located server, its supports technologies such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that allows users to exchange value without intermediaries.

Blockchain offers various features to support security, data immutability, transparency, and autonomy. 

 6. Enhanced Internet security and the rise of 5G.

As amount data generated and stored grows tremendously over time, consumers also expect a strong network connectivity, enhanced security and improved network quality as we anticipate advancement from gigabyte LTE speeds to full 5G networks.

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