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The great thing about digital signage is that you can constantly change your content, based on the time of the day, the day of the week, or other seasonal factors such as holidays. This gives you unlimited control to display relevant and engaging messages to your customers. But it has to look great, or it will actually detriment your brand.

Digital signage is a medium that has become familiar to everyone. Audiences are now used to seeing flat screen displays and LED billboards, even in rural areas. This will eventually lead to better and more useful content for everyone.How great your content looks will depend on your budget, and how much you value your brand image. If you’re unsure where to start, Talinda East Africa offers you their hand from the beginning to the end. However, many of the advertisers fail to understand the use of Digital Signage for their brands, below are a few important aspects those could be added to your business or company reputation.

Increases brand visibility:

One of the major hurdles for any retail business is the filtering of important customers that are cut through their competitors. Competitors promote their business through various mediums like radio, TV, Newspapers and a lot more. They also make use of attractive store signs in order to attain more audience to come to their stores. With help of digital signage solutions, one can attract their customer’s attention towards their business in a very smart way. This creates a very good image of your brand in front of potential buyers and there you get your brand visibility.

Build healthy relations with vendors and customers:

With help of digital signage players, it gets easier to communicate about your brand message to your customers. Your customers while communicating with your brand, feel connected towards your brand and characterize your brand. This gives them a better understanding of what you are trying to convey through your communication with your customers.

Helps in delivering information:

Many a time it becomes difficult to directly communicate to your customers due to time and distance barriers. Digital signage breaks the communication barriers and delivers very important messages in a very systematic manner. It helps in communicating very critical information through visual and textual representation. This makes the communication process simplified and hassle-free.

Saves Time:

Digital signage menu boards, interactive kiosks and other services by digital signage companies in Dubai make sure that your work process gets easier and life becomes much more organized and concise. Digital signage solutions play a very important role in saving manual time and cost spent on labour for preparing printed signs or communicating through other mediums of communications. This works as one of the best ways of communicating to a mass crowd on a busy day in a very short span of time.

To increase the efficiency of employees.

Emails don't work well, especially in a production environment. Imagine an industrial plant where management wants to communicate vital information to hundreds of workers: Perhaps it's production quotas vs. actual performance; perhaps it's mean time between accidental employee injuries; perhaps it's delivery information regarding vital components that are en route. In all of these instances — and others too numerous to recount here — digital signage has the ability to convey important information to a workforce that is vital to employees maintaining a safe, efficient environment.

Why does Talinda East Africa Digital Signage apply?

Well, the answer to this is just to anyone with capacity and awareness of the befits that are brought forward by Digital Signage and Digital Advertisement.We have identified so of our major customers and to how this relates.


Digital signage can do more than publish generic content. The best example can be found in digital signage installations around schools, college and university campuses. In case of emergency, digital signage displays can deliver evacuation notices, urgent messages and alert notifications. This content can be triggered through a manual process or launched automatically when displays are interfaced with a school’s emergency communication system. This ability to switch between regular and emergency content is one of the key advantages of digital signage over other forms of communication.


Merchants know the importance of communicating time-sensitive information to shoppers. By delivering pricing updates in real-time, merchants can increase sales, and boost the bottom line. This is increasingly important in a world where brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce sites. Digital signage can provide an important advantage that goes beyond what’s possible with a traditional printed point of purchase (POP) signage. The ability to make instant price adjustments to react to competitive pressures can be extremely profitable.

But there is more. For example, digital signage interfaced with a store’s point of sale system can promote slow moving items at a moment’s notice. Digital signage displays can be programmed to react to local weather when paired with external sensors. Stores can promote parkas and boots based on the temperature outside.

Digital signage can also help shoppers make educated decisions by highlighting product features and benefits right at the point of decision. This can be extremely useful for electrical appliances and other products that require a lot of specific knowledge. Think of digital signage displays installed near clothes washers and dryers, for example. In these cases, digital signage can take on the role of “silent salesperson” and provide important information until a sales associate can take over.Retail store operators understand the value of digital signage for their organizations.

Government Offices and Banking Institutions

Digital signage displays can play an important role in queue management. These displays can provide useful information, infotainment content and redirect visitors to someone who is available to assist. We encounter these situations often in motor vehicle offices, city court and other similar venues. The trick is to provide visitors with a more pleasurable experience by reducing perceived dwell times. Digital signage based queue management can be quite useful in many other similar situations, such as redirecting shoppers to an available cashier or pointing bank customers to an available teller. Queue management content can be used on its own or mixed in with other infotainment content.


This is a growing segment of the digital signage industry. Wayfinding lets you combine many types of content and deliver the results on touch-enabled displays with the sole purpose of helping visitors find their way. There are many applications for this technology such as in the educational sector (helping students and faculty navigate a campus), business and manufacturing, banks and financial institutions, museums, retail stores and shopping malls, arenas and theatres, trade shows and more.

Wayfinding content can be as simple as bringing up a directory and delivering a set of directions to a fully interactive, 3D map that shows an animated path to the visitor’s destination. More sophisticated installations can go as far as delivering instructions and maps right to each visitor’s smartphone. There are many techniques that can be involved to deliver this content, from QR codes to iBeacons.The larger and more complex the venue, the more useful the wayfinding will be.These are but a few examples that illustrate the importance of digital signage.


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