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Talinda East Africa now offers internet solutions to the East Africa region. Majority of beneficiaries being the SME sector which has the highest number of subscribers.Increasingly, we all expect to be able to access the Internet anywhere at any time. Nowhere is that fact more in evidence than in SME industry. 

For an impoverished family in a developing country, establishing a small- or micro-enterprise often represents the first tentative step toward self-sufficiency. The SME sector as a whole can galvanize an entire economy, creating jobs and spurring growth.In much of the developing world, the private economy is almost entirely comprised of SMEs.

Internet usage has created fundamental changes in business processes and in the way business is conducted (Chatzoglou and Diamantidis, 2009; Ifinedo, 2011). Internet facilitates relationships with relevant market parties (Majumdar and Chang, 2010; Lucia-Palacios et al., 2014). When well-anchored within a firm’s strategy, the internet can contribute to information-sharing, information-exchange, relationship-building actions and other market orientation supporting activities (Brock and Zhou, 2005; Chang et al., 2002). Over time several models have been developed to explain IT adoption and usage. Most prominent are the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the integrated model of technology acceptance (IMTA).

Small businesses— with limited marketing budgets— are competing with national brands when it comes to advertising. Due to the online nature of commerce in this era, local businesses have no other option but to compete with corporations that have marketing budgets much larger than merely a couple of years of revenue.

While computers have been blamed for decreased activity and interaction in the local community, the Internet has been credited with providing a window into the global world. It allows anyone with a computer to think globally and has allowed the business world to forge international relationships with new vendors (to lower costs) and new customers (to increase sales).

100 years ago it might have taken over a month to get a letter to a friend in another country. Today, communication is as easy as a mouse click, and much cheaper too. Anyone in the world can communicate with another person through text messages, emails, and even live video. For business, this means higher efficiency and quicker processing of sales.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of the Internet is cost savings. Information at faster speeds saves time, which either saves or makes money. Many functions in the business process, i.e. bookkeeper, have been automated, which has helped to streamline processes and reduce the cost of labour.

Talinda East Africa continuous improvement on internet solutions has seen many SMEs improve their proficiency, performance and capacity over time.Internet alone would not be enough but, looking at an angle of the modern world, the need for internet in an organization has become a basic need. 

Talinda East Africa also offers sustainable, tested, evaluated and recommended internet and networking products for a variety of SME needs. If you would wish to buy or showcase our products, please CLICK HERE!

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