Digital Commercial Display Facts in 2020

Digital signage and commercial displays from video walls, outdoor signage, microLEDs, LCD screens, interactive and standalone displays have revolutionized business by grabbing the consumers attention in a modern, entertaining and interactive motion.

Today just walking through public areas in restaurants, pubs, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, schools, hospitals and malls you are greeted by beautiful digitized images of information, way finding directories, and offers. According to studies, 86% customers pay more for better customer experience.

Here are some amazing finds on Commercial Displays that could change your mind and make you invest.

6 Interesting Facts about Digital Displays

1. For hotels and restaurants, food advertised through digital signs experienced an average 49% rise in sales compared to periods without digital advertising.

2. Out of 10 customers, 8 have admitted to enter a retail outlet due to digital content that attracted them inside.

3. Many businesses can't control the high traffic or flow of customers. With digital signage, perceived wait time during checkout or in store has been reduced by over 30%. Digital entertainment as video walls, signage are a welcome distraction reducing frustration and improving customer experience.

4. Sales volume with Upsells, Cross-sells, Impulse purchases have increased by an average of 31%. With 68% of customers admitting to most of their purchase decisions being influenced by presence of digital displays.

5.Customers are spending more time in stores according to recent studies which obviously trickles down to the purchase growth figures of 29.5%.

6. Finally what is a brand if it doesn't resonate or communicate to the intended audience? Digital displays deliver the best output when it comes down to brand awareness. Businesses and marketers are able to speak to their audience through short videos, offers, sales, and call to action messages. With more technical and innovation industry types like Manufacturers descriptive videos that tell a story help engage and improve customer understanding of products and services.

Remember: 47% of customers claim they still recall a digital video a month after seeing it.

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