Make It Easy to Manage People and Equipment

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and tags are emerging as the number one technology to solve these problems. Compared to other technologies such as Wi-Fi, RFID or Zigbee, BLE offers low cost, low power, long range and a vast mobile ecosystem.

Every parent will tell you how hard it is to keep track of people and things, even in a small single-family home. And every business owner will tell you that their challenge is orders of magnitude larger, especially in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) such as dormitories, hotels, assisted living facilities or apartment and condo complexes.

Owners face a constant struggle to manage valuable assets such as equipment in facilities with hundreds of rooms and multiple buildings that can span acres. In an emergency, such as if a staff member, resident or guest is injured or lost, not being able to find that person is every business owner’s nightmare. Solving these problems means improving asset management, customer experience, compliance and security, and ultimately reducing company-wide operational costs and risks.

As the market matures, we want to enable enterprises to deploy location solutions without adding further complexity to their existing infrastructures. For this to succeed, interoperability is key.Thanks to the partnership with the Ruckus team, we can now roll out solutions at a fraction of the complexity. What’s more, with an existing wireless infrastructure, we make deploying, managing and controlling any Talinda East Africa powered BLE solution easier than ever, using our API and a single dashboard. 

We are thrilled to be working with Ruckus Networks, who combines an entrepreneurial can-do approach with a well-established and respected commitment to functionality, security and ease-of-use. With our combined dedication to the hospitality market, we’re excited to have this strong basis for our continued innovation in asset-tracking and location-based services without the need for costly radio networks and power-hungry GPS tracking systems. This collaboration will add significant value to customers already using Ruckus access points, as well as simplify new projects in search of a premium hardware and ease-of-use experience.


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