M-Kopa Solar -100 Agents call centres running on WiFi

As of January 2018, M-KOPA has connected over 600,000 homes to affordable solar power with 500 new homes being added every day. Current customers will make projected savings of US$ 450M over the next four years. M-KOPA customers will enjoy 75 million hours of kerosene – free lighting per month.

Customers buy the solar home system on an affordable M-KOPA payment plan, with an initial deposit followed by daily payments for up to one year. After completing payments, customers own the product outright.M-KOPA Solar is available through hundreds of M-KOPA dealers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. To find your nearest M-KOPA dealer, contact customer care on +254 (0) 0707333222. Read More!

Talinda East Africa upgraded the wireless network for M-Kopa Solar Kenya and M-Kopa Solar Uganda, to a robust system that runs all their communication and operations. This has facilitated easier mobility, ease of expansion and efficiency.

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