Live a data deficitless life with Talinda East Africa

Talinda East Africa core values are simplicity, responsibility and creativity.The simple fact is that demand is not only outstripping supply but is outstripping capacity. The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum currently allocated to cellular data is becoming a sparse resource and unless more of the spectrum is made available by government bodies, the possibility of a spectrum crunch is becoming very real.

In order to address demand and capacity issues, service providers had to start thinking outside the box; however, the answer was one that has been staring society in the face for some years now. Wi-Fi hotspots have, in a sense, always been competing against cellular data. This is no longer the case as now, Wi-Fi is becoming an integral part of mobile data strategies the world over. Providers are using Wi-Fi, which is comparatively cheap to deploy, to offload cellular data and improve quality of service.

Talinda East Africa offers you a wide range of Internet connection. From LAN to WAN and the list is endless. If you are looking for a way to improve on your internet data deficits, then you are better with us.


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