How Talinda East Africa is continually impacting on technology

Talinda East Africa has been spearheading some of the most life-changing technology inventions, services, solutions, support and products across the East Africa region. But, not until our scientists and case study professionals conducted surveys on technology impact in our daily lives, we would not have realized how significant change has come through our general input.

Today businesses can save money by using technology to perform numerous tasks. When you compare the amount of money spent on hiring an individual to perform a certain task and the training necessary to be able to perform that function consistently, it is costly. When it comes to technology, a small business can scale out and consistently deliver more at high quality with less human resources, often equating less cost.

As the world develops, people are getting more carried away with their work and cares. Today a lot is demanded, so everyone is too busy and have no time for finding a relationship. So technology has also filled this part. With technology, you can connect and meet new people while at work using social network technology.  You can also use technology to find a new date without living your work.  Nowadays people use mobile phone apps to meet and connect with new and old friends. Social networks like, have played a big role in connecting both old and new relationships. But, the success to this also involves having a stable and dedicated internet service to link up everyone working or visiting your company. That is why Talinda East Africa Internet connection team is always ready to answer your call and act promptly no matter the capacity and urgency. 

However, virtual relationships are not as strong as physical relationships, so I advise you to take off time and meet these people you network with virtually and get to know each other better.  On the other note, people who over participate in virtual relationships, end up with no friends in real life, and they develop a disease called cyber-sickness and loneliness.

Today, technology has made a very big change in the education world, with the invention of technology gadgets and mobile apps it is easier than ever for students to learn.  Nowadays you can access a full library of educational material via a mobile app or website on any smartphone or iPad. Before inventing this technology, students had to go to physical libraries to get the information they need. Talinda East Africa happy clients will tell you how this has really changed the school life of the learners and improved both the classroom experience and technology manoeuvers which would have waited long after school. 

Teaching with technology can deepen student learning by supporting instructional objectives. However, it can be challenging to select the “best” tech tools while not losing sight of your goals for student learning.  Once identified, integrating those tools can itself be a challenge albeit an eye-opening experience. Talinda East Africa is here to help you (novice, expert and everyone in between) find creative and constructive ways to integrate technology into your class. If you are looking to flip your class, make use of Canvas or simply want to experiment with some new instructional technologies, we can help.

Technology has also made the buying and selling of goods and services so flexible and a lot safer. With the introduction of e-payment systems, users can easily purchase anything online without leaving the comfort of their homes, they no longer need to overly worry about sending credit card information to a vendor. Talinda East Africa digital scanning and tagging products enable you to identify your stock and also track products easily even if they are stacked in a multi-store.

The use of technology in banking is the backbone of society today. Most banks now offer online banking facilities. Millions make use of this service daily to manage their finances. Most businesses also use this feature to pay employees and transfer money. Many individuals and companies are reliant on this option to function. Additionally, security has significantly benefited as these banking systems do their best to ensure there are firewalls and limits in place to reject any curious hacker. Talinda East Africa has several SME packages that will best suit the operation of your banking or money processing by use of digital or simplified technology. You can reach us for more information on this or more.

These among many are the impact we are seeing as we continually and actively employ our technology in East Africa countries. If you would wish to connect with us for more information, support, solutions, services, and products, do not hesitate to reach out to us through; OUR CONTACT FORM!



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