Guest Room WiFi—More Essential than Fish or Eggs?

Connect your guests to everything you have to offer with our TV systems and Internet media. It gives you the tools to engage guests more effectively, manage staff workflow, and increase operating efficiency. It provides a single guest experience platform and a unified view of your entire operation by integrating all of your hotel systems, amenities, and services.

In the hospitality sector, Wi-Fi for guests is no longer a luxury but a necessity. When guest Wi-Fi connections drop, so will your overall guest satisfaction score. A recent survey by Reaseach+Data Insights reveals that in-room hospitality Wi-Fi is more important than location, parking, and even a free breakfast. According to Hospitality Technology, fast, reliable Wi-Fi is so desirable that an estimated 80% of guests won’t return to a hotel that delivers a bad technology experience.

Talinda East Africa understands the importance of providing fast, reliable Wi-Fi to hotel guests.  We are committed to working with customers to ensure their hotel guests have a great Wi-Fi experience. That’s why we’ve invested in products specifically designed for the hospitality market. That’s also why our customers love us. Don’t take it from me though—it is what our clients are saying.

o learn more about how we can improve your customers’ Wi-Fi experience and boost your guest satisfaction scores, visit our FAQ page and learn more or visit our CONTACT US page for more questions. 

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