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Talinda East Africa is dedicated to improving your WiFi speeds from SLOW to SUPER FAST. Imagine having invested in that Guest House worth Millions, having imported custom-made furniture and a large swimming pool fronting the sunrise.

Or as Ruckus explains it --- You’ve just bought a brand new sports car, one that can do zero to 60 in under four seconds and you are excited to try it out. But all you have to drive it on is a gnarly, rutted, steep and rocky dirt road. Good luck taking advantage of all that horsepower. 

Well, you have invested heavily but then again after some time, guests stop arriving at your hotel. This would be hard to crack as to what stopped them from reappearing or getting excited about coming back to your Hotel. But, relax, we have you covered.

You better get connected. 

The arrival of the Internet has increased the opportunities to boost the accommodation industry. Now, hoteliers are fully aware of the benefits that the Internet can bring to their business. Well-informed of the far-reaching importance of the web, they are motivated to create more awareness of their industry, on top of getting more bookings online. This had driven website development for hotels and resorts, the online reservation booking system, the increased number of reviews and redesigning of accommodation websites, as well as other tourism-related online enterprises. As a matter of fact, there is a steady, daily growth of the web strategies for hotel and hospitality. 

Talinda East Africa offers you Hospitality and Hotel internet capacity up to optimal. With our support team and engineers doing their research on your location demand, capability, and signal, we provide you with the best products there is in Network and offer you services that make sure you are well connected and your guests have good reviews on their way out.

A hotels’ website or a web presence enables managers to easily reach and be in touch with potential and repeat guests on a personal basis. Nowadays, web technologies can be easily handled by every hotel managers. For instance, they can simply update new information or upload photos to their websites. There are also improved content management system that enabled uploading and use of multilingual content. This way it is very easy and cost-effective for the hotelier to convert messages according to the individual languages of prospective guests.  

Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Through web presence, hotel managers find it fairly easy to employ the fundamental hospitality marketing principles that would cultivate the hotels’ online buzz as well as offline reputation. Efficiently managed websites can be the best medium for building client relationships, building hotel brand, retaining customers, and encouraging repeat visits.

So how can you achieve online success in the hospitality industry? Hoteliers can achieve marketing success by being in tune with the content management system and innovative technologies applicable to the industry and planning for every aspect of electronic commerce and most importantly, get connected on the reliable and unlimited internet.

Talinda East Africa has Partnered with several best-known internet providers with a capability of infinity.In Partnership with Ruckus ICX line of campus switches which gives corporate missions networking capabilities that can grow to agency scale without hassle with their small form factors and high throughput. They are small, low profile and easily stack as network demands increase.

Most importantly, ICX switches allow agencies to manage their wired and wireless infrastructure using the same management tools, minimizing software complexity and spending overhead.

Therefore, since you have known the secret, don't hesitate to reach us and know more about how we can benefit your Hospitality Services and put that smile on your guests. You are better with us.

Write to: for inquiries ---- Visit Our SHOP to see our products.



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