Employee of the Month - Naomi K

Meet Naomi Karori  

Talinda's Employee of the Month August 2019

Sitting well alert on her wheeled executive chair in a well lit office. Naomi is eloquent and smart. Being an avid reader has done her well. She is quite engrossed in her finance duties as I ask her simple bio questions about herself.

A short minute later while on the edge of her seat she interrupts me and picks the phone, dials a number and as she waits for an answer, instructs me to skip to the next office so she can "handle things". 

About her

"Good morning Thomas, this is Naomi from Talinda East Africa..." she starts. I can hear the rest of the conversation in the background as intonations rise and fall, and finally she returns to her softer side with an agreement with Thomas that payments should be wired to our bank account by the end of the day. 

She is a quiet storm which is not what you see when you interact casually. This side only comes out when she is collecting payments. As she puts it, my job demands it.

Often one of those who clocks out of the office after 5pm, Naomi has learned how to balance work and school. Presently enrolled at a local university in Nairobi and unexpectedly with all the pressure, you hardly see this interfere with her performance. 

We are happy to celebrate Naomi for all her efforts and commitment at Talinda and most of all wish her a wonderful holiday at Samburu in the coming week ~ Her gift for her exemplary performance in the month of August.

In her words: 

How do you handle challenges? 

~I usually share with involved parties. 

What motivates you?

~You can be anything you want to be and there are no limits to what you can achieve. 

What do you love about your job?

1. ~Numbers never lie.

2. ~Being part of the decision making process.

3. ~It pays my bills.


~Reading Novels 

- Current read, The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

~Listening to Rock Music



**The End**

Written by: Sylvia W

Digital Marketing Lead

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