Education and Digital Literacy

We received applications for Wi-Fi zones from towns who either directly or indirectly talked about the Digitial Divide: where some members of their communities are being left behind because they don’t have access to internet or computers. Libraries are making great strides towards helping to stem this issue, and in fact, one of our projects, the Internet Interns, helps community members become more accustomed to computers. But even libraries have closing times.

We have heard stories of students walking 10 or 20 miles to idle outside of a closed library and use its Wi-Fi. We have also heard of people buying pizza from a restaurant with free Wi-Fi just so they can check their email. A free and public zone would always be running, and would not necessitate a pizza purchase (although it can still be a benefit to businesses within the zone if people become hungry while using the internet!) It would allow students to find a place where they can do their homework close to home, and where others can check their email, or even apply for a job.

By providing free Wi-Fi to students and to the academic staff, educational institutions can leverage wireless education to improve their digital studies’ curriculum. In this way, student and teachers can effectively use wifi-enabled devices for educational purposes and, at the same time, the institution can develop innovative teaching techniques based on collaborative and interactive learning.

Furthermore, thanks to free wireless services, smart education techniques can be at the fingertips of anyone and anywhere, which increases digital inclusion: people coming from unprivileged areas can take online courses for free, taking advantage of the plethora of online educational services available (ebooks, MOOCs, etc.).Thanks to Wi-Fi, information and communication technology has overcome geographical and social distance, homogenizing our society.

Talinda East Africa is always committed and dedicated to making sure that every learner's dream becomes a reality. By instaling internet in your school, you not only encourage digital learning but increased word for word rapport with enrolling students. When you want internet connection either big or medium, Talinda East Africa is always ready and capable of making this happen. 

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