Digitizing Education in East Africa Institutions

Education is a key factor in ensuring economic growth, especially for countries with growing economies. Today in Kenya alone, education has become more effective as teaching and learning using more advanced technology day in, day out.

Talinda East Africa upholds insight and expertise in helping you choose the most effective technology to meet your education needs and achieve your desired outcome.We facilitate the availability of new technologies at cost-effective prices that are compatible with the teaching standards. A key to saving our clientele time, money, and aggravation by letting our equipment experts help you choose the best projectors, digital cameras, camcorders, electronic whiteboards, document cameras, WiFi and much more.

Why you need these digitalized pieces of equipment in classrooms.

 A digital voice and audio

This is a form of sound recording and reproduction technology that has been converted into a digital form where the electrical audio signal is amplified and then encoded back into physical waveforms via a loudspeaker. This has resulted in an increase of using audio and video in online instruction, at conferences, in school meetings, etc. This form of technology enhances student's active learning, knowledge construction, inquiry, an exploration, boosts their engagement and attainment and also allows remote communication as well as data sharing to take place between teachers and/or learners in different physical classroom locations.  

Our team of experts is here to ensure delivery of personalized content so as students’ learning experience is improved. The Strathmore universities in Kenya have successfully integrated this technology as part of their digital program. The feedback is that it has greatly helped and improved efficiency and capacity in the institution.  

Surveillance system

Installing a proper surveillance system is an important tool for ensuring safety in case of violence, vandalism or identifying and resolving issues that may arise on school grounds.Talinda East Africa is your guide partner in installing and configuring modern security camera systems that utilize IP cameras, which can be either wired or wireless over a computer network to use at the rear of the classrooms, offices, conferences, school compounds etc. Use of these cameras allows students\pupils at the far site to see the instructor teaching the course while the instructor teaching a distance learning course to also see their students at the far site. Also by implementing school security cameras at entrance doors, assists the administrative staff to easily monitor visitors and make sure they are properly signed in, while still allowing your students\pupils to move freely around the school.

Cloud computing

This can be defined as the use of highly scalable virtual resources that can be shared by different and diverse users. Recently, there has been increasing pressure on educational institutions to provide efficient services using minimal resources. Cloud computing is key to helping these institutions get their applications up, running faster and achieve economies of scale without disbursing resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance. This assists to speed up IT operations and reduce cost by increasing infrastructure utilization. Several educational institutions have recognized the ability of cloud computing to cut on costs, enhance efficiency, and convenience within the educational sector.

Talinda east Africa is here to ensure the clouds we install help the students, instructors, personnel, guardians, and staff have access to basic data from anywhere using any gadget. Various learning institutions use different cloud-based applications provided by our service providers to ensure that student’s \ pupils and other users can perform both academic as well as business-related tasks. We check the requirements of the institution as well as guarantee that quality training is given to each student, class exhibitions and so on can be adequately kept up without stressing for the framework issue. Cloud computing is also used in hosting learning management systems (LMSs) e.g. Moodle and Blackboard within the cloud for training for firms, lifelong learning, as well as in academic units.

Therefore it will be vital for schools and individuals to shift to the cloud computing for the cheap and convenient avenue to information and technological services, especially the benefits and abilities, such as access to complex applications, minimal costs of cloud data storage, scalability, and flexibility of an e-learning platform.To get yourself into the cloud and connect your institution, please contact us through this link ----- CONTACTS. 

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