Connecting People and Cities Through Wi-Fi

Talinda East Africa is dedicated to empowering futuristic cities goals when it comes to the Internet connection in East Africa. Nairobi, Kampala, Kisumu, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, just but to mention a few are in the urge for improving infrastructure and capacity to their ever-growing population.

As the interest in ‘Smart Cities’ increases, cities all around the world are evaluating technologies to enrich their citizen’s lifestyles, accelerate economic growth and deliver improved public services through applications and programmable infrastructures. While the goals and objectives of the city may vary, the introduction of a connected, agile platform to deploy these various solutions is a fundamental step towards creating this smart environment.

Wi-Fi is no longer just for wireless connectivity, it is now a building block for cities to evolve.As the leader in indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, Talinda East Africa through Ruckus has successfully powered some of East Africa's largest deployments, delivering Public Wi-Fi in cities across the niche.Not only is Talinda East Africa committed to supporting the EC's vision for connectivity, they can also help cities unlock their potential by using the Wi-Fi to host other smart objectives.

The rise of mobile
If there is one technological advancement which has defined the past five years, it is undoubtedly the advent of mobile connectivity. While the computer and subsequently the World Wide Web are without question, two of the most significant developments in human history, the constraints of connectivity have dissolved in recent years, resulting in an ‘always on, always connected’ society. Therefore for any new development in a city, may it be a skyscraper, a commercial business apartment or a leasehold building that targets institutions and or giant business headquarters, having a super-connected internet is a plus for the investor. 

Disaster Relief:

Talinda East Africa, through special research, sourced various ways through which people get information on impending danger, weather change or even development of areas in cities among other aspects. What we hear are impressive stories of collaboration, on-the-spot organization, and general helpfulness from everyone involved. That being said, many communities also discussed the difficulties in getting correct messages out to everyone. Communication methods ranged from daily meetings to printed newsletters, updated municipal websites, and local radio stations.Was this enough?

Eventually, having a volunteer system at the schools, and websites set up and run by the local government all the way up to the central government could see people get more organized and equipped in times of difficulties or disasters. However, in the first few days, there were many questions flying around, and rumours spread about what roads were closed and where the electricity was shut off without prior notice or information to the public.

In cases like this, the benefit of a public Wi-Fi zone is that in a disaster situation, it does not take much power to make sure it is still running. A small generator or solar panel will do the trick. In addition, using the software to control the zone, the zone’s administrator can add information to a page viewed initially by anyone using the Wi-Fi zone, which could easily be used as a means to spread information about where to volunteer or get help, what roads are closed, and what supplies are needed.

It is so sad, at times seeing people die due to lack of sufficient information and or information to guide them in times of danger. Since Talinda East Africa has met all the required governmental and user-based standards, we urge all investors and structural engineers to incorporate their knowledge with us as we capacitate the viability of life even in times of disaster and worry times.

The data deficit
The simple fact is that demand is not only outstripping supply but is outstripping capacity. The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum currently allocated to cellular data is becoming a sparse resource and unless more of the spectrum is made available by government bodies, the possibility of a spectrum crunch is becoming very real.

In order to address demand and capacity issues, service providers had to start thinking outside the box; however, the answer was one that has been staring society in the face for some years now. Wi-Fi hotspots have, in a sense, always been competing against cellular data. This is no longer the case as now, Wi-Fi is now becoming an integral part of mobile data strategies the world over. Providers are using Wi-Fi, which is comparatively cheap to deploy, to offload cellular data and improve quality of service.

Next Generation Hotspot
However, the role of Wi-Fi in a connected society has only just begun. The next stage is to further integrate Wi-Fi into the mobile ecosystem by allowing devices to seamlessly pass between the cellular network and Wi-Fi hotspots. There has been an international effort to standardise Next Generation Hotspot technology and the accompanying Hotspot 2.0 specification.

The implications of this technology are far-reaching for providers, but from the perspective of the user, the benefits are clear. Mobile coverage will know no bounds, no longer being limited by issues such as network congestion or geographical restrictions. Mobile devices will pass seamlessly between networks, providing users with the best possible data experience at all times.When it comes to smartness, Talinda East Africa is always ready and capable.

Mobile Revolution
The 21st century has become defined by the digital revolution and in a few short years, the digital realm has broken free from the static shackles of the desktop and is now never more than an arm’s reach away. This has redefined how society views and interacts with technology. The only thing that has been lacking is the ability to provide a consistent, high-quality connected experience, regardless of environmental factors. Thanks to Wi-Fi, this is about to change.

Talinda East Africa through Ruckus Wireless is dedicated to serving you, your business or any government agency with all forms of internet needs. We work with simplicity, responsibility through creative means to achieve all the aspects of your layout and demand. 




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