Ceiling Access Points now available!

Talinda East Africa offers you the best Ceiling Access Points with a long-lasting partnership of Tivega.Versatile Indoor Access Points expand user capacities and deployment options. Discrete ceiling-mount APs support dual-band 11ac speeds, broad performance ranges, strong 29 dBm transmit power and Gigabit PoE ports for adaptable network reliability. 

  • Expand User Capacities, Optimize Bandwidth
  • Low-Profile, Ceiling-Mount Flexibility
  • Gigabit PoE Ports Expand Deployment & Power Options


When it comes to wireless network design, simply relying on free vendor software to determine the placement of your access points and calling it a day, isn’t going to cut it.Unfortunately, this is a problem we run into a lot; mostly from inexperienced consultants who are trying to be something they’re not.

So where do you place your wireless access points to support maximum wireless performance? Although this is a common question, the answer varies because all wireless environments are unique.Even though there is no one size fits all per say, there are some situations where best practices can apply.



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